Who will win between Jose Aldo and Chad Mendes in their rematch?

Aldo. He's the pound-for-pound best and his first win over Mendes was no fluke. - 25%
Mendes. He would've won that first fight if he didn't get knocked out so early! - 75%
Neither. This fight will be a draw because both guys are equally skilled. - 0%

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MikeSloan19 - I'm now on the live PBP of the @MannyPacquiao - @ChrisAlgieri event on @HBOboxing: Follow the live action here: sherdog.com/news/news/Mann…
MikeSloan19 - Great old school battle between Renzo and Saku! Great @MetamorisPro card from top to bottom
MikeSloan19 - @rory_macdonald fought to an entertaining draw against JT Torres. Eggsellent match and Rory held his own against a top BJJ player.
MikeSloan19 - Roberto Satoshi vs. @jakeshieldsajj is a terrific battle, but it ends in a draw at @MetamorisPro. #Metamoris5


MikeSloan19 - @MetamorisPro secret match is Jake Shields vs. Roberto Satoshi


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