What will happen when Anderson Silva rematches Chris Weidman?

Anderson will knock him out and take his title back - 14.3%
Anderson will snap his leg by throwing a low kick, thus getting TKO'ed in the process - 85.7%

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MikeSloan19 - Check out my latest Pros Picks feature on the mighty @sherdogdotcom : sherdog.com/news/articles/…
MikeSloan19 - @Equinelaser3000 yeah. Them and the Mexicans are the best fight fans hands down!

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MikeSloan19 - Went to the Nuggets-Warriors game and had a blast. Too bad @StephenCurry30 didn't suit up to play. Big letdown but I understand why.
MikeSloan19 - In Denver eating at one of the best restaurants/bars I've ever been to. Hecky yeah! #euclid pic.twitter.com/oG6vbygP7r
MikeSloan19 - good fight, not great. Manny deserved the win.



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