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Jessie Vargas vs. Vito Gasparyan courtesy fo Raymond Spencer

Mike Sloan – While most were expecting local contender Jessie Vargas to walk out of the Texas Station Casino with the victory, it’s questionable as to how many expected the fight to unfold the way it did. Sure, Vargas was the winner via lopsided unanimous decision, but the main event of the Azteca America-televised bout was not pretty.


Vito Gasparyan (14-3-5) displayed one of the sturdiest chins in recent memory as he ate dozens of clean, hard shots throughout the contest. On top of that, he also absorbed many a punch to the groin. Vargas pummeled Gasparyan’s body but too often he strayed below the belt and had a point taken away in the eighth round.


Vargas utilized solid movement to coincide with his trademark relentless attack, but he simply couldn’t budge the resilient Armenian until a vicious uppercut broke through in the ninth. The punch wobbled Gasparyan, but he was able to hang on until the frame ended and, in essence, until the final bell.


Even with the penalty, Vargas (21-0) cleaned up the slate with a near shutout performance as the three judges favored him with scores of 98-91 (twice) and 98-90.


Also on the card:

Oscar Valdez (3-0) scored a second round TKO (2:24) over Corben Page (4-5-1); Raul Hirales Jr. (17-2-1) won a ten round unanimous decision over Oscar Gonzalez (17-2); Andy Ruiz (17-0) scored a third round TKO (2:59) over Elijah McCall; Kenny Abril (14-5-1) won an eight round split decision over Dennis Laurente (40-4-4); Trevor McCumby (9-0) won a six round unanimous decision over Eric Watkins; Lucky Boy Omotoso (23-0-0-1) and Irving Garcia (17-8-3-1) fought to a “No Contest” due an accidental clash of heads in the second round.


Photo courtesy of Raymond Spencer

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