Who will win between Jose Aldo and Chad Mendes in their rematch?

Aldo. He's the pound-for-pound best and his first win over Mendes was no fluke. - 25%
Mendes. He would've won that first fight if he didn't get knocked out so early! - 75%
Neither. This fight will be a draw because both guys are equally skilled. - 0%

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Cotto v Trout Weigh-In courtesy of Tom Casino


Mike Sloan - Both Miguel Cotto and Austin Trout made weight today in preparation for their huge showdown Saturday night. The two super welterweights cleared their final hurdles for what should be one of the better fights of 2012. Trout did have to attempt the weigh-in twice; he made the 154 lb. limit on his second try after stripping off his clothing. 


Official weights:

Miguel Cotto 153.6 vs. Austin Trout 154

Jayson Velez 125.8 vs. Salvador Sanchez II 125.2

Daniel Jacobs 161.2 vs. Chris Fitzpatrick 163.3


Photo courtesy of Tom Casino/Showtime

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