Who really won between Mayweather and Maidana?

Mayweather clearly won. He actually landed the cleaner punches - 66.7%
Maidana did because he threw so many more punches, even though most didn't land - 22.2%
It was a draw. Maidana was too busy and Mayweather was more accurate - 11.1%

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Bermane Stiverne MARY ANN OWEN

For someone who took up boxing at an advanced age, Bermane Stiverne certainly took to the sport quickly. After struggling early in his life and having his football dreams derailed from a nasty knee injury, Stiverne eventually realized that the Sweet Science was his true calling. On Saturday night, he captured the sport’s most coveted prize.


 Tyson v Bruno RING MAGAZINE

The debate has raged throughout the fight world for years. With the meteoric rise of the Ultimate Fighting Championship over the past decade, many combat sports fans have wondered how a world-class boxer would fair if he stepped inside the famed Octagon. Naturally, any boxer would be at a massive disadvantage due to his limited if not entirely non-existent ground skills, but it makes for an intriguing topic.


Khan v Collazo MARY ANN OWEN

MGM Grand: By Mike Sloan ringside in Las Vegas: Amir Khan was hoping to have the sort of massive breakout fight that would inevitably setup a mega fight with Floyd Mayweather. First things first, he had to win. Secondly, he had to do it in eye-popping fashion in the co-main event of the huge Mayweather-Marcos Maidana event in the MGM Grand Garden Arena.


Mayweather v Maidana MARY ANN OWEN

MGM Grand: Marcos Maidana had a solid gameplan coming into the biggest fight of his life: make the seemingly untouchable Floyd Mayweather engage in an all-out war. For much of their anticipated mega fight inside the MGM Grand Garden Arena tonight, Maidana accomplished just that. More than any other time in his illustrious career, Mayweather was forced to fight until the very end. He didn’t bewitch his foe and he didn’t pitch a shutout. This time, it was different.


Adrien Broner MARY ANN OWEN

MGM Grand: It wasn’t exactly pretty and it certainly wasn’t the sort of thrilling skirmish fans had hoped for, but Adrien Broner got the job done. Broner rarely found himself in any real danger against Carlos Molina and enjoyed an almost unfair speed advantage to stay safe for ten full rounds. Molina rarely was able to land anything clean on Broner and since he couldn’t put anything noteworthy together for much of the contest, the junior welterweight affair was largely lackluster.