Who really won between Mayweather and Maidana?

Mayweather clearly won. He actually landed the cleaner punches - 66.7%
Maidana did because he threw so many more punches, even though most didn't land - 22.2%
It was a draw. Maidana was too busy and Mayweather was more accurate - 11.1%

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MikeSloan19 - @Ty_Hope ha it actually isn't a bad name. But lately there have been a pile of "Vortex" named albums coming out so it might be Overkill

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MikeSloan19 - Massive cardio today and I suffer a nasty cramp in my thigh during the 1st 100-yard sprint. 20 min later and I still can't loosen it. Damn!!
MikeSloan19 - @Ty_Hope hahaha!!! Zing!

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MikeSloan19 - So... Is this wretched Vegas heat the result of a solar vortex?



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