Who will be the first woman to beat Ronda Rousey?

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MikeSloan19 - Still working very hard and now listening to this all-time classic from the mighty @RealKingDiamond pic.twitter.com/tbsfB1COL6
MikeSloan19 - Working very hard and just finished listening to this old classic from the mighty @RealKingDiamond pic.twitter.com/UqPSC2yduG
MikeSloan19 - @GrappleVegas did a great video QA with new BJJ black belt Ronda Andrews: grapplevegas.com/index.php/ourm…
MikeSloan19 - It's metal night in Vegas! Who else is at the @CorpseOfficial @BehemothBand show at the @HouseOfBlues14 ???
MikeSloan19 - Staying with the old school metal. Now jamming to @Anthrax's classic. pic.twitter.com/geLeBLvhaj




ThePrizeWriter.com is an independent fightsports blog owned and operated by long-time fight reporter/columnist Mike Sloan. Best known for his work with www.sherdog.com, Mike is a veteran of the fight game as a writer since February 2001. Always looking for ways to express his views and insight through the written word, Sloan created ThePrizeWriter out of necessity. There isn’t always enough space to contribute to the various sites he writes for due to large staffs with the best writers who have their specific assignments, so Mike opted to do things his own way, in his own words whenever he desires.


Working in conjunction with the fight sites he currently writes for, ThePrizeWriter is dedicated to blogging about the various fight events, the fighters, and what Mike loves and loathes about the sports, but it’s done with sheer professionalism and respect. You’re not going to read any fanboy nonsense or agenda-driven propaganda. However, what you should always expect from ThePrizeWriter is well-written features that will be honest without sugarcoating anything. If something needs to be said, it will be said for the betterment of the best sports in the world.


*Disclaimer: Everything that you read on The Prize Writer has been written entirely by Mike Sloan. Unless specified at the bottom of each article, everything written here is the property of The Prize Writer/Burning Horse Media.*


About Mike Sloan:

Mike Sloan has been an integral part of the mighty Sherdog empire for just over a decade and has seen that site grow from a small underground MMA news site into the world’s greatest and most-visited mixed martial arts news site, period. One of the longest-tenured staffers on board, Sloan has seen it all. These days he’s known mostly for the popular Pros Pick features, but he was also the creator of the long-running weekly Monday Morning Reverie column, which has returned in a similar form on ThePrizeWriter. He also covers all of the Las Vegas MMA scene in one way or another for Sherdog, has been a guest on the Sherdog Radio Network many times, and has ton a done of video-related features. Many of Sloan’s features on Sherdog have been published on www.espn.com, the worldwide leader in sports.


Mike Sloan was also the lead Las Vegas correspondent (and co-lead West Coast correspondent) for www.secondsout.com, one of the world’s leading boxing news sites in conjunction with www.maxboxing.com. Mike has been a part of the SecondsOut team for five years and covers everything about the sport of boxing from ringside reports, video interviews and well-regarded columns.


Most recently, Mike launched Grapple Vegas, a newsite dedicated to creating an an-inclusive hub for everything related to the grappling sports: jiu jistu, submission wrestling, judo, MMA, grappling, wrestling, Sambo, etc. More details are available on its official site, www.grapplevegas.com. Grapple Vegas was founded by Mike and his business partner Gabe Hernandez. 


Mike recently founded Burning Horse Media, a company designed to publish various types of literature such as biographies, novels, novellas, etc as well as assist writers in editing, proofreading, critiquing, etc. He’s also in the process of ghostwriting the autobiography of beath metal legen King Fowley (Deceased, October 31, etc) as well as another major biography on a former world champion boxer. Click here for more details on his books and Burning Horse Media.


Mike has also been published in various magazines dozens of times throughout the years including TapOut, Grappling, Ultimate Athlete, MMA Fitness, FightSport (the original), Full Contact Fighter, Ultimate Athlete and several smaller periodicals. He was a long-time Las Vegas correspondent for boxing site www.Fightnews.com and has contributed to many other sites like www.boxinginlasvegas.com, www.infinityboxing.com, and others before settling in at SecondsOut. He’s also contributed to the Las Vegas Review-Journal for various reports over the years and was the co-host of the now-defunct The 13th Round radio show.


Aside from writing about the various fightsports, Mike is passionate about music, specifically metal. He’s been a metalhead since the 5th grade (1988) and has attended hundreds of live concerts throughout the years and is currently in the fetal stages of creating a new metal news & reviews site. Mike is also a huge movie and traditional sports buff.